Welcome to Roma M Inc where we are uncommonly attentive to your precise needs. We take great pride in your satisfaction. At Roma M Inc upgrading your lifestyle is what we do best . You dream, we embody your dreams. We create a space for life, making it as comfortable and harmonious for you as possible. We can add value, create beauty and enhance the enjoyment of your home, office or commercial project.

Roma M Inc was Established  in 1995 in  Long Island New York with the  goal of providing our clients with high – end quality  in residential  and commercial construction.    Our expertise in masonry has helped to maintain this city’s charm and improved its homes, offices, churches, banks and stores. For many years the company has been gaining experience and has strived to become the best in the field. Quality is more than just a word to our company, it’s our entire philosophy. With each project we complete, we commit to displaying a high standard of professionalism and  attention to the fine details.

Thanks to the excellence and dedication of our team ,over the past 22 years we have built solid relationships with some of the most respected builders, contractors, architects and countless home and business owners. We have established  and maintained   reputation on trust,  quality, reliability,  and top notch services.

We have worked on some of the most beautiful homes in New York , and that makes us uniquely qualified for vast variety of projects. Whether you’re envisioning a grand project or a small addition to your home, Roma M Inc  can help your vision come to life.

We are perfectly aware that every customer is an individual. Your satisfaction with the results of the work with our company is extremely important to us. Therefore, we are ready to offer each client various options , corresponding to there preferences.   We’ll help you make the best decisions to fit your style  as well as your budget as you choose from our vast array of material and design.

Please feel free to call us  with any questions that come to mind. We are looking forward to hear from you!